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Fedora 28 My triple monitor works initial install and LiveUSB, but not after performing dnf update/upgrade.

So I install Fedora 28 and was happy that my triple monitor setup works right from the start. I install it locally and as a dual boot with Windows 10. Works after initial install. All three of my 1080p monitors are displaying and doing it correctly. I do what I normally do for new OS installs from media, I go straight to updating. After rebooting, my triple monitor display only becomes a dual monitor. It is as if my third monitor isn't receiving a signal. But it works in POST, UEFI bios, and in windows 10.

I have an AMD Radeon RX 570 if that helps any.

I have also checked display and Fedora 28 isn't listing the third monitor at all.

I am a total newbie in the linux world and trying to ween away from Windows.

Here is what I have attempted:

I have attempted a reinstall. Solo OS with just Fedora 28, just Windows 10, and looked for answers across the internets. I'm not really sure where to start, but any help is appreciated.

Steps to get to my issue:

1 Install Fedora 28 via USB 2 Open up terminal after initial user creation 3 type 'dnf upgrade --refresh' or update, I can't remember which 4 restart 5 Login

Before the log in screen appears, my third monitor turns off as if no signal is being received. Anytime before that, all screens are displaying correctly.