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Gnome shell lag with totem in full screen on 4k display

I got a 3840x2160 display in my setup, I have 3 monitors in total. Watching a video in full screen using totem on the non-4k ones works perfectly with no lag or stuttering, but when I move the video over to my 4k screen and full screen it (everything works smoothly until I full screen it) the gnome shell starts lagging, dragging windows around, swapping workspaces etc. are laggy, but the contents of the windows don't lag themselves so it is only the window manager lagging.

Using vlc or chrome to watch a full screen video on the 4k display doesn't have this issue. And the lag with totem even happens if I play a video that doesn't actually have a moving image (just a still image). The lag goes away immediately if I un-full screen totem or pause the video. One last weird thing is that sometimes totem works smoothly in full screen but I haven't managed to find a pattern as that seems to happen quite randomly when reopening totem.

I'm using fedora 28, my gnome version is 3.28.3 and my totem version is 3.26.2. Both are the latest ones according to "dnf update".

I tried find if anyone had the same issue but I only found people who had every video lagging or totem always lagging in full screen (for me 2 out of my 3 monitors don't cause lag when I full screen totem on them). Any insight would be greatly appreciated.