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Lenovo V510-15IKB Laptop Constant Freezing

Dear all Kindly assist me if there are any fixes to this issue i'm, I recently bought a Lenovo V510-15IKB Laptop below are some extra specs and straight from the box went on to install Fedora 28, but since then i have been experiencing constant freezing in the middle of my work the laptop keeps freezing, i have to do a hard restart to start over again. Any help or tips will be appreciated. Thank you

Architecture: x86_64 CPU op-mode(s): 32-bit, 64-bit Byte Order: Little Endian CPU(s): 4 On-line CPU(s) list: 0-3 Thread(s) per core: 2 Core(s) per socket: 2 Socket(s): 1 NUMA node(s): 1 Vendor ID: GenuineIntel CPU family: 6 Model: 142 Model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz