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Problems after upgrading Fedora.


I'm gonna say this right away , I been having problems handling Fedora 26 (I use this on my class) had various problems with diferent features of it etc.

Didnt wanted to update the fedora the later stage of my course (Mainly cause didnt want to have problems with the distro in the middle of my exams) now that i finished up my course (Yikes!) wanted to upgrade fedora (First to 27 then to 28 cause been hearing those version are much well rounded that the 26 is/was)

I start the upgrade process with the system-upgrade download --refresh... since i had a nvidia repository it didnt allow me to complete the action , i look out for a solution and find out the allow erase (or something similar) complete the command and then proceed with the system-upgrade reboot

But didnt realized when doing it that i had problems running fedora with my nvidia card (And installed new, so right now i cant boot to my fedora cause after the kernel menu (Where i can edit parameters or enter the gurb terminal) it gets stuck in a black screen (Aparently the system is running cause bloq num and bloq mayus work fine , the led turn on/off as i'll press the keys.

Aparently the upgrade process didnt come true cause the Fedora kernel menu shows Fedora 26.

Tried to boot the drive into two diferent machines but both of those have nvidia cards (Which represent the same problem)

I also think i have something messed underneath this issue but i feel if i can manage to boot into the system i will be able to fix those.

Any idea on how to proceed? should i edit the kernel parameter? (I have a rd.driver.blacklist=noveau) on there but when upgrading fedora the allowing erase deleted my nvidia repo (Which let me log in without a problem using nvidia) so i asume there is a problem , but i dont know how to fix or do to solve this if i'm unable to log into fedora