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Powersupply failed during upgrade

Did standard dnf upgrade and after rebooting and installing phase the systems powersupply failed. After fixing the powersupply the system booted to 27. So I tried running the commands again but that didn't cause a reboot-install. So I did a

dnf distro-sync --disableplugin=protected_packages --releasever=28

which mostly worked. But the system kind of sees itself as 27 as there are a number of packages that didn't update:

libyubikey.x86_64 lsscsi.x86_64
lua-filesystem.x86_64 mc.x86_64
mdadm.x86_64 ocaml-srpm-macros.noarch

And I can not get them to update to version 28.

Anyone have a idea how to fix this?