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No prompt for luks passphrase on boot after select the kernel, just black screen

This issue is related to Fedora 26/27. Until today I've used Fedora 26. My issue was the following: on the boot process when I select the current kernel, the next step should be a prompt for the luks passphrase. But here comes the interesting and very frustrating issue. Usually there is no prompt for passphrase just a black screen... This time I have to shut down the computer, boot again, and hoping... Usually I have to do this 5-6 times, sometimes 10-15 times to get the prompt screen for the passphrase... Today I've upgraded to Fedora 27 hoping it will resolve this issue. But it didn't... After a successfull upgrade I had to shutdown the computer and reboot 12 times(!!!) to get the prompt for the passphrase... Can somebody help me why is it a gambling game to boot my computer??? I've posted this issue to troubleshooting/booting/plymouth but I'm not sure, maybe it is related to dracut? I'm not an expert in linux/fedora, I'm just a simple user :(