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Why does DNF propose i686 wine packages on a 64-bit computer ?


I've installed Fedora on my 64-bit computer one year ago. I recently upgraded it to the last release so everything was good.

During the last dnf update I did, there was a a lot of transaction errors because of i686 Wine packages. I supressed them from the update list. Since this update, Wine is no longer working. Each time I try to reinstall it, DNF well propose wine.x86_64 but all the dependencies are i686 packages. I don't remember Wine working like this.

I've counted 8442 i686 packages for 20220 x86_64 packages on my system. I know it's normal to have some 32-bit programs which don't work with 64-bit but this ratio seems to me too much big.

Does this problem come from an error in DNF configuration ?