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How to install nvidia driver on fedora

Hey there,

I'm new to Fedora 17, but not new to Linux. But on this distribution I have problems to install the video driver for my Nvidia GeForce 9700M GTS. I visited many forums and did most of their tutorials, but nothing worked. I downloaded the driver as a .run-file and did the following things :

  1. The kernel update.
  2. Switched to antoher terminal with ctrl+alt+f1
  3. Stopped the service lightdm.
  4. Started the .run-file as root.

Unsolved problem : the nouveau kernel driver which should be disabled. After lots of blacklisting in lots of config-files I thought that was it. But after thousands of these minimal changes, the problem still is the same...

I tried also this nice Tutorial (, and at least it did something, but after a reboot most times its laggy and sometimes the system crashes.

So please, the nvidia-crash-problems are the reason why i switched from Ubuntu, please, can somebody help me out of this crashing chaos ?

In love, Klemens