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Fedora 25 Graphical mode without monitor

I recently upgrade a stand-alone workstation to Fedora 25. After the update to Fedora 25, the system no longer boots without a monitor connected. I'd like to know how to make the system boot into graphical mode without having a monitor connected.

More details: I have a system that was running Fedora 21. The system has a python script that launches after the graphical mode starts. The graphical mode is set to autologin and after the login my python script executes. I run the system as a stand-alone system without a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. The system worked as intended in Fedora 21 without issues.

I recently upgraded the system to Fedora 25 and everything works fine as long as a monitor is plugged in. If no monitor is plugged in, the OS hangs when trying to launch the gnome-shell. The gnome-shell throws a Java error saying that this.primaryMonitor is undefined.

Because the system is stand-alone, it isn't internet connected so I can't easily use solutions that require software not included in the default installation of Fedora 25 workstation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.