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Fedora 18 nautilus file sorting issue

I have noticed that the nautilus (Files) has changed they way it does file sorting in GNOME 3.6. I have my defaults set to view as list, and sort by type. Sorting by type mixes multiple file types (MIME types if you will) if they fall into a general type description. For example, I have .PNG, .JPG, and .SVG files in my Pictures folder, but instead of sorting them into groups of PNGs, JPGs, and SVGs, it mixes them all together alphabetically because their type is "Image". The same goes for "Archives" where .RPMs are mixed with .GZ and .ZIP.

Is there anyway to sort by file extension in the new nautilus?

The image below depicts what I'm talking about. I know it's probably not the best example, as most of the differing images are just the same image in different formats. But, we can just pretend they are all completely different file types.

Files not really sorting