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init-scripts for sessions in gnome-shell 3.2 ?

In all other Unix/Linux systems I've been working with, it was quite simple to provide my own customized initialization of the desktop. But I've not been able to do so in Fedora16 with Gnome 3.2.

1) Is there a login script ? At least my .bash_profile is not sourced during startup of gnome-shell.

2) How can I initialize windows (applications) and workspaces at session-startup? There seems to be a Javascript-based interface to Gnome-3.2. Spending hours with looking for any documentation on the Object model/API in Google without any success, I have the conclusion that there is no documentation at all and that this interface is not intended to be used by Gnome-users?

A solution to 2) is very important to me because Gnome-3.2 is very unstable on my netbook and crashes after almost every wake-up from 'suspend to RAM' state.