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Help with scp-ing a large file

I recently switched from an iMac at work to a custom linux build (Asus z170-a MB) running Fedora 25. I can scp a 170MB file within my office network, but when I try to push it through the firewall to our production servers, scp stalls and fails within just a few seconds.

I can push the exact same file with my iMac with no problems. Every time.

I have set the mtu on my linux machine from 1492 to 1400 to 9000 to 900. Doesn't help.

I was using the on-board networking on the Asus Z170-a. This morning, I added a new Intel ethernet card in hopes that that would fix it, but it did not. Same problem.

Can someone please help with this? I don't know what else to try.