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Expedited reputation and karma.

Hello My name is Eric Leschinski, this is me on Stackoverflow:

I'm highly active in the stackoverflow edit community, Actually you can see I'm #11th overall on the low quality queue:

Naturally I've earned my reputation on stackoverflow over 6 years, Is there an option for expedited trust and reputation through here?

It would behoove you to have a "Trust transfer relationship network" with stackoverflow. Let me show you that this would be in your best interests. I know you would have a hard time trusting me since stackoverflow is a competitor of But if you can establish a trust channel, you may be able to tap into a lot of talent from the stackoverflow community. A lot of your questions are barn burners and need serious help.

Like for example this one:

He's asking about installing mysql on fedora, and he's getting redirected to mariadb rather than mysqld. That's not okay.

Every time google takes me to one of your pages and I can't totally fix it, as I would stackoverflow, it's like a little stab in the chest. I can't take it anymore. I want to help me, can you transfer some trust from stackoverflow so I can fix your site?

You can verify I am who I say I am however you want if that's an issue.

Heck, I'll be happy if 5 of you just go upvote some of my things so I can just start upvoting good stuff and downvoting the jokers who are damaging your site on purpose.