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g-io-error-quark, 13 - Creating disk image

asked 2016-12-03 03:20:05 -0600

marmendo gravatar image

This happens when I try to create a disk image from Fedora25 Live 32bit I've tried several exteral USB disks and the problem appears to be the same with all of them

Error allocating space for disk image file: Invalid argument (g-io-error-quark, 13)

Could be a problem on the 32bit version ?

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Can you tell us what command you are actually issuing?

lovepump gravatar imagelovepump ( 2016-12-03 23:09:01 -0600 )edit

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answered 2017-01-01 06:15:07 -0600

I have the same problem with a SDD and a Micho SDCard class 10 Kingston, in Ubuntu 64 and in Bodhi Linux 64 so I think is not caused by 32 bit verson

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