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How do I remove an icon from launcher

asked 2016-12-02 14:55:06 -0600

docV gravatar image

I must be stupid and am new to Fedora. I added a few extra icons to the launcher in the left panel of gnome on fedora 25 simply by dragging them there, but for some reason I cannot remove them now. I've tried dragging them off (just launches the program), Right clicking (also launches the program), i looked on google which said L Alt+Right click, launches program, then L Alt+Super+Right Click also just launches the program. I've tried the right alt as well. I looked in settings and even downloaded Gnome tweak tool but can't find a setting!

Am I missing something obvious? It's so simple to remove a quicklaunch icon in other OSs...

Really appreciate any help, thanks!

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-12-02 23:34:07 -0600

ordefa gravatar image

updated 2016-12-03 07:47:59 -0600

You should be able to right-click and select "Remove from favorites" which will remove it. Sounds like your mouse right button may not be configured. Have you checked "settings" to make sure it's set up correctly? Or perhaps you have a sticky modifier key that's preventing r/click from function normally. Spilled coffee under the keyboard alt or ctl keys can sometimes be a problem.

If all else fails try restarting the system or just reloading the shell: alt+F2 then enter "kill -9 gnome-shell" and hit enter . Gnome should relaunch shortly after and you can try right clicking again.

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