RTL8188CU on Fedora 17

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Hi guys, I'm not the type of person who goes straight to support, i mean, I REALLY tried for 5 months have a decent wireless network service on Linux, but now i'm kinda frustrated :/

First of all, i have a RA3090 wireless card, after few weeks i found the correct drivers and finally i got it poorly working, then i tried to use a RTL8188CU, which is a usb wireless network adapter, and i was expecting it to work smoothly on Linux, but it dont. I tried to install so many times the 8192 (actually it uses the 8188CU driver) realtek driver (downloaded directly from their website) that i was considering the possibility of writing a driver on my own, but i'm completly out of time.

So i really need help, i really love linux (really, even it beeing more problematic than my wife) and i don't like to dualboot WIn7 to use the internet. Thank you very much!

lsmod output:
[Xikaos@FZanatta ~]$ lsmod | grep rtl8192
rtl8192cu              67616  0 
rtlwifi                73396  1 rtl8192cu
rtl8192c_common        45999  1 rtl8192cu

If you need some log information, just ask me here or sent me and e-mail !

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