Fedora 24 KDE Plasma Menus glitch

asked 2016-08-11 16:55:37 -0600

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Hello! This is my first time posting on here so bear with me. I have had to install Fedora at least 5 times recently because I am using a 4K TV as a monitor and every time I try the fix in the xorg.config file and I reboot, the OS shows up but I can not do anything. That was with the NVIDIA proprietary driver. So far I have been using the Nouveau drivers and the screen tearing seems to be gone. That is the primary difference between 23 and 24 for me thus far (even though I am still only at 30Hz ). However, the issue now is that whenever I am in a menu or a window such as right clicking on the desktop it is all glitchy. It even occurs with text in terminal while running scripts, typing and nearly everything. I attached a picture of what is going on. I tried changing workspace themes and everything. There was a time that fixed it when I changed rendering to OpenGL 2 but it started again when I rebooted so I switched it back to OpenGL 3. I am tempted to install the NVIDIA drivers again since it didn't happen with those.. but the screen tearing still occurred with the proprietary drivers. I tried changing resolutions but when I do that it goes blank and I can't change it back. No issues so far in Gnome 3.2 but I don't really like Gnome 3.2 so I am trying to get KDE to work. Any tips or help is much appreciated! Thanks!

Relevant specs: NVIDIA 980ti I7-5820k

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