Trackpad inverted in Fedora 24 (vm), always opposite of host OS [closed]

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I have installed Fedora 24 in Parallels 10 on OS X (El capitan). Have been running Fedora successfully this way for a long time, but after installing Fedora 24 (clean install) my trackpad is always opposite of host OS settings.

If I turn on natural scrolling in OS X I get normal scrolling in Fedora, no matter what my settings are in Fedora. If I turn on normal scrolling in OS X I get natural scrolling in Fedora. I have tried changing the settings in Fedora, but it does not help.

I run my development environment in Fedora, switching between OS X and Fedora quite often. Having opposite trackpad scrolling in Fedora is quite cumbersome.

Any tips on how to solve this? Thanks in advanced for any help on this matter :-)

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