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Merge Google id with Fedora Account System (FAS) id

asked 2016-07-03 23:44:13 -0600

johnsimcall gravatar image


I'm trying to contribute more in this community, but I'm a bit confused between my identification choices. Several years ago I created an FAS id. Some time later I logged into the Ask Fedora site using my Google id. Apparently some services (e.g. wiki) don't accept a Google id -- they only accept FAS credentials. Is it worthwhile to merge my accounts? I'd prefer to be represented only once in the community -- earn badges, karma, etc... Is it possible to merge my accounts?

Thanks, John

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Would like to know the answer, too. There's no contact email anywhere… This service is crap.

Piotr Dobrogost gravatar imagePiotr Dobrogost ( 2016-07-18 08:06:05 -0600 )edit

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answered 2016-07-20 12:58:41 -0600

Mohit Navandar gravatar image

Hi John, the answer to your question is NO. Most of the services with Fedora Community are linked to FAS account only. One can NOT merge google ID or anything except FAS with those services. I have tried that myself.

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