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Can no longer install Crossover Office

asked 2016-04-27 02:46:22 -0600

johntate gravatar image

updated 2016-04-29 05:16:26 -0600

I used to have Crossover Office but after a dnf update it won't work. There are lots of conflicts in its dependencies. I need this software which I paid for. I had to erase its dependencies that used to install but now won't.

# dnf install /home/john/Software/Linux/crossover-15.1.0-1.rpm 
Last metadata expiration check: 0:51:49 ago on Wed Apr 27 05:54:00 2016.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package             Arch     Version                    Repository        Size
 alsa-lib            i686     1.1.1-1.fc23               updates          412 k
 audit-libs          i686     2.5.1-1.fc23               updates           96 k
 avahi-libs          i686     0.6.32-1.fc23              updates           62 k
 bzip2-libs          i686     1.0.6-19.fc23              updates           46 k
 cracklib            i686     2.9.1-6.fc23               fedora            85 k
 crossover           i386     15.1.0-1                   @commandline      75 M
 cups-libs           i686     1:2.1.3-1.fc23             updates          402 k
 dbus-libs           i686     1:1.10.8-1.fc23            updates          176 k
 elfutils-libelf     i686     0.166-1.fc23               updates          220 k
 elfutils-libs       i686     0.166-1.fc23               updates          299 k
 expat               i686     2.1.1-1.fc23               updates           91 k
 freetype            i686     2.6.0-3.fc23               fedora           416 k
 gmp                 i686     1:6.0.0-12.fc23            fedora           424 k
 gnutls              i686     3.4.11-1.fc23              updates          648 k
 libICE              i686     1.0.9-3.fc23               fedora            70 k
 libSM               i686     1.2.2-3.fc23               fedora            44 k
 libXcursor          i686     1.1.14-4.fc23              fedora            34 k
 libXdamage          i686     1.1.4-7.fc23               fedora            25 k
 libXfixes           i686     5.0.1-5.fc23               fedora            22 k
 libXi               i686     1.7.6-1.fc23               updates           46 k
 libXrandr           i686     1.5.0-2.fc23               fedora            31 k
 libXrender          i686     0.9.9-2.fc23               fedora            30 k
 libXxf86vm          i686     1.1.4-2.fc23               fedora            22 k
 libacl              i686     2.2.52-10.fc23             fedora            32 k
 libattr             i686     2.4.47-14.fc23             fedora            24 k
 libcap              i686     2.24-8.fc23                fedora            53 k
 libdb               i686     5.3.28-13.fc23             fedora           763 k
 libdrm              i686     2.4.66-1.fc23              updates          152 k
 libffi              i686     3.1-8.fc23                 fedora            34 k
 libgcrypt           i686     1.6.4-1.fc23               fedora           352 k
 libgpg-error        i686     1.21-1.fc23                updates          156 k
 libidn              i686     1.32-1.fc23                fedora           234 k
 libpciaccess        i686     0.13.4-2.fc23              fedora            32 k
 libpng              i686     2:1.6.19-2.fc23            updates          124 k
 libseccomp          i686     2.3.1-0.fc23               updates           58 k
 libtasn1            i686     4.8-1.fc23                 updates          328 k
 libuuid             i686     2.28-1.fc23                updates           80 k
 libxshmfence        i686     1.2-2.fc23                 fedora            11 k
 mesa-libGL          i686     11.1.0-2.20151218.fc23     updates          216 k
 mesa-libglapi       i686     11.1.0-2.20151218.fc23     updates           81 k
 nettle              i686     3.2-1.fc23                 updates          326 k
 p11-kit             i686     0.23.2-1.fc23              updates          149 k
 pam                 i686     1.2.1-2.fc23               fedora           734 k
 systemd-libs        i686     222-14.fc23                updates          493 k
 xz-libs             i686     5.2.1-3.fc23               fedora            97 k

Transaction Summary
Install  45 Packages

Total size: 83 M
Total download size: 6.2 M
Installed size: 225 M
Is this ok [y ...
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davidva gravatar imagedavidva ( 2016-05-02 03:13:53 -0600 )edit

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answered 2016-04-27 03:21:26 -0600

Glenn gravatar image

Are you installing on 32Bit or 64Bit? These are all platform conflicts, as if you are trying to install an I386 package on an X86_64 OS. Is this file that you're trying to install, crossover-15.1.0-1.rpm , for your platform?

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They only make a 32 bit package.

johntate gravatar imagejohntate ( 2016-04-27 10:39:52 -0600 )edit

It used to work fine before, until an update where Gnome crashed and dnf terminated. I need this software, and it has to use i386 stuff, because the Windows apps are i386 such as the Kindle Reader.

johntate gravatar imagejohntate ( 2016-04-28 23:41:01 -0600 )edit

Its frustrating but I can install Fedora to a chroot, so I'll probably do that with i386 Fedora.

johntate gravatar imagejohntate ( 2016-04-28 23:41:49 -0600 )edit

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