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LCD screen cannot display full screen

asked 2016-04-20 22:13:44 -0600

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The LCD panel of my laptop is 16:9 aspect ratio with resolution 1920x1080 support. LCD panel size is 11.6 inch. My client would set resolution 800x600 as their default LCD resolution in Fedora 23 OS. When I setup resolution 800x600 this kind of 4:3 aspect radio done, the image become center position (still kept 4:3 aspect ratio, blank bar showed on right side and left side). Image didn't show full screen. How to set full screen for display when setup 4:3 aspect ratio resolution setting in 16:9 ratio LCD panel ? My OS is Fedora 23 workstation version.


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Is this happening in a virtual machine or on the actual OS?

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2016-04-20 22:50:42 -0600 )edit

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answered 2016-04-21 03:08:51 -0600

jen0901 gravatar image

The issue also happen in virtual machine. I test 800x600 resolution setting in another older laptop, and it also cannot display full screen on LCD, tested by Fedora 23 OS. Then I change to Windows 7 OS. Although Windows OS also cannot display full screen on LCD by 800x600, there is one "enable full screen" option in graphics panel. After I check this "enable full screen" option, resolution 800x600 can display full screen on Windows OS properly. Does Fedora have this kind of option to enable full screen for any 4:3 aspect ratio resolution setting ?


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I'm sorry but don't understand your point. How do you want to view 4:3 resolution on 16:9 full screen? The only option would be to stretch the image which won't look good. If you just want bigger images/fonts you can change font and icon sizes or just use smaller 16:9 resolution instead of FullHD (i.e. 1280×720, 1366×768, 1600×900)

pbogu gravatar imagepbogu ( 2016-04-21 05:10:16 -0600 )edit

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