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How do I download and install software using the terminal?

asked 2013-02-08 06:09:55 -0600

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updated 2014-09-28 11:00:02 -0600

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i am trying to download softwares through terminal but it gives "You need to be root to perform this command".how can i get rid of this??i am using fedora-18

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answered 2013-02-08 06:40:09 -0600

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Installing Software with yum

Open a terminal :

You may switch to the root user with the su command:

su - 
yum install yourprogram

You may use the su command with the -c switch. This allows you to enter the single yum command as root, but immediately switches back to your normal user:

su -c 'yum install yourproram'

If the adminstrator has set you up in the sudoers file, you may use the sudo command:

sudo yum install yourprogram

search for a package, you can do:

sudo yum search yourprogram

remove package using yum, the command is simply;

sudo yum remove yourprogram

NOTE : you can do it with GUI search Application -> system-tools -> software

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