can't boot other systems after installing fedora with encrypted LVM

asked 2016-04-03 02:29:20 -0500

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I already had two systems on my computer: Ubuntu 15.10 and Windows 8.1, I left some empty space and installed Fedora into it.

For this installation, I used LVM. I created a root partition encrypted with LUKS, and 2 unencrypted partitions for /boot and for /boot/efi (as suggested).

Now, when I boot the computer, in the GRUB screen I only have options for Fedora an for Ubuntu 15.10 and if I try to boot in Ubuntu I get the following error:

'linux' not found
'initrd' not found

Previously, I had installed Fedora without LVM encryption, just as default, and I had similar issues but I could select between different loaders in the BIOS boot section. Now I can only boot to the Fedora GRUB. The other systems are still there but there's no way to enter into them.

Here is my GRUB repair report:

I had tried many times to repair the GRUB using the Ubuntu boot-repair tool. And I had tried update-grub and grub2-mkconfig from Fedora with no success.

I've seen this question of a similar situation: but he, at least, managed to get back his old grub installation.

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