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Corrupted mouse cursor with fedora23 using gnome/wayland.

asked 2016-04-01 15:17:35 -0600

wjv3 gravatar image

Just did a clean install of Fedora23. Had been using fedora20. The mouse cursor in the gdm login screen is normal, but once Gnome-Wayland starts the mouse becomes a distorted mess. Generally vertically enlongated. All versions of the cursor have similar distortions. When I switch to Gnome using Xorg, the cursor is fine but the system crashes anytime I launch something. So for the time being I'm stuck with Wayland until I can solve the Xorg problem. Processor uses an Intel integrated graphics chip (E7221). Maybe both problems are related. The update respositories used are fedora, fedora-updates and fedora-updates-testing.

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answered 2016-04-02 04:39:03 -0600

genodeftest gravatar image

When logged in into a Gnome+Wayland session: Can you open gnome-abrt ("Problem reporting") and report the crashes under X11? I don't know whether this issue is known already. If it isn't, people on bugzilla hopefully can help you better.

The Gnome+Wayland on Fedora 23 is just for testing, so there are some limitations to expect.

For a workaround for your issue on X11 you could try these steps:

  1. disable the fedora-updates-testing repo. You might want to use dnf for that.
  2. run dnf distro-sync to downgrade from all testing packages
  3. see if the issue persists

Rationale: There are some packages in updates-testing that won't make it to updates because they're broken. You might have some of these installed.

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