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asked 2016-03-02 06:04:24 -0500

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Bonjour, Une question : Avec quel système Fedora (Fedora Workstation/Fedora Server), on peut à la fois bien entretenir un blog (Anchorcms) et gérer un centre de doc (livres) ? Lequel des deux est le plus approprié ?


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answered 2016-03-02 14:17:50 -0500

(apologies, I must use English)

Workstation and Server are environments that are set up in advance using packages from the Fedora repositories. They use the same repositories, so any package can be installed on either. If you want a graphical desktop environment, you would choose Fedora Workstation; if you want a headless server, you would choose Fedora Server.

If you want a graphical desktop and also a web server, you can do that; or, if you start with Server and decide to add a desktop environment, that is possible too.

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