Latency question for guest vm on fedora

asked 2016-03-01 03:10:08 -0600

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I ordered a brand new laptop custom built with following specs Intel i7 6700K skylake. 4.0 ghz 4 core, 170chipset with gen 3 pcie, dmi3, usb3.1 64gb ddr4 2133 mhz ram, nvidia quadro M1000M 2 gb gpu, two m.2 pcie nvme ssd as in two 256 gb samsung 950 pro nand flash pcie nvme ssds, two regular 240gb ssds for data.

My ancient aging desktop with i7 920, gtx260, recent cloned ssd addition (along with windows 10 upgrade) and centos7 guest on virtualbox 5.x seems to work well.. But with new laptop, I want to go a different route.

I want to install stable Centos7 or more upto date fedora 23 server on bare metal on first 256 gb nvme pcie m.2 x4 Ssd. Followed by windows 10 and fedora workstation on either gnome boxes or xen or kvm or esxi etc. Please let me know if this is viable option. Want to be able to use all cores of cpu including cpu threads on host and vms.

I want to pick second nvme stick for windows 10 and fedora workstation on first nvme stick where host os or type1 hypervisor lives. That way windows has its own 256 gb nvme pcie stick. I have a trading software called NinjaTrader that I need to run on windows10. Mostly c#, .net algo strategy development and massive testing.

Latency should be kept minimal with windows 10 guest since there is already 38ms latency from chicago mercantile exchange. Colocation is out of scope for now. Should be able to take short micro bursts of tick data. Paravirtualization, type 1 vs type2 hypervisors, gnome boxes, virtualboxes.. I am open for anything.

Fedora workstation is mostly backend c++ development with some slow java jvm thrown in for decent measure. Also some apache tomcat middle ware and front end development etc. Need lots of tool kits. All client server stuff eventually deployed on fedora server or centos7 so workstation can stay separate. Unless xen like dom0 takes up the host os.

Any suggestions on which virtualization approach will have low latency and if fedora can deal with nvme as in identify upfront the drives etc. Also any issues with fedora 23 workstation on centos7 or on fedora server gnome box for nvme etc. Also any other suggestions? Perhaps skip the server altogether? Perhaps a different approach? Scrub everything and goback to windows 10 on baremetal with fedora on hyper-v or virtualbox?

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