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Kernel 4.2.3 boots; 4.3.5 freezes after grub

asked 2016-02-26 11:26:38 -0600

rollulus gravatar image

updated 2016-02-26 12:21:00 -0600

Dear community,

TL;DR: After I installed updates, my system freezes and my monitor turns off almost instantly after I select the 4.3.5 entry. The 4.2.3 one still works fine.

I have a i7 6700 and intel h170 chipset. I use LUKS. Its password prompt doesn't even show, the freeze occurs before it. When I removed the "quiet" things from the grub entry, I see a brief flash of text, however, I cannot read it as it is only visible in a split second. I'm afraid that it isn't written to disk as log, because of LUKS.

I found bits of info that seem related: but it didn't help: I tried the acpi=off and cstate things.

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe during creation of the initial ramdisk something bad happened. Check if your /boot partition has enough free space with df -hTa /boot. Depending on options there should be at least 50MB free space. Then try to recreate your initial ramdisk as root with mkinitrd -f /boot/initramfs-4.3.5-200.fc22.x86_64.img 4.3.5-200.fc22.x86_64. You might have to adopt the kernel string, depending on the exact version that you have installed.

thomaswood gravatar imagethomaswood ( 2016-02-27 05:08:21 -0600 )edit

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answered 2016-02-28 05:55:04 -0600

rollulus gravatar image

Like most people, I make mistakes. Sometimes I make mistakes that are so plain stupid that I blush and want to erase them from my mind. This time I made such a mistake and posted it on the internet. I'd rather have erased all evidence of it, but maybe this helps folks.

My system did not freeze. What happened was that, for reasons unknown to me, my monitor (VGA) got turned off while another video port (HDMI) was being used, directly after GRUB. I found out after I accidentally hit return, after a "freeze", and saw my HDD led blink. It was at the invisible LUKS prompt. Connecting another screen to HDMI solved it. I still don't know how to get VGA working again, and why kernel 4.3 has another default, but hey, with another screen I'm up and running again!

I'm sorry for polluting this forum and the internet in general with my nonsense. My apologies.

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answered 2016-02-28 07:58:52 -0600

I've got the same problem on my MacBook Air 7,2. The screen is black after booting but the system is running. After I press the power button and wait for 2 seconds and reactivate with pressing the power button the screen starts and I'm in the lock screen.

@rollulus have you got found a solution? Or has someone other a solution?

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