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upgrade kernel wont boot; how to troubleshoot?

asked 2011-11-30 14:08:41 -0600

boyd gravatar image

updated 2014-09-17 13:29:30 -0600

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I have tried a preupgrade and when rebooting I just get a blinking cursor at the upper left of screen. Then tried to boot from the F16 CD, and it does the same. What can be the problem here? How can I troubleshoot? Is this a graphics or kernel issue?

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2 Answers

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answered 2011-11-30 16:02:04 -0600

SoumyaC gravatar image

Check the Fedoraproject wiki link for PreUpgrade (Specially #Troubleshoot section) if that helps you to boot with some manual intervention.

Also let us know if you are facing some errors which may splash in the screen before your blinking cursor.

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Follow the troubleshoot section in that link, that may narrow down the problem scope.

SoumyaC gravatar imageSoumyaC ( 2011-12-01 12:40:32 -0600 )edit

answered 2011-11-30 14:18:22 -0600

Sounds more like a problem with the graphics card.

Do you get a console if you ctrl-alt-f3 ?

What graphics card is it you are using ?

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so if I understand that last post , you are getting this blinking cursor when you try to run the upgrade ? If so, can you boot an older kernel ?

bodhi.zazen gravatar imagebodhi.zazen ( 2011-12-01 21:16:03 -0600 )edit

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