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How can I safely remove gpg in favor of gpg2

asked 2016-01-30 07:18:47 -0500

L-Ray gravatar image

On my Fedora 23, there is gpg as well as gpg2 installed.

Gnome-keyring (seahorse) only shows gpg2-keys (using .gnupg/pubring.kbx), Evolution on the other hand uses gpg (using .gnupg/pubring.gpg).

To streamline this, i want to make evolution use gpg2 instead of gpg and remove gpg completely (wich holds fedora-dependencies to hplib, libusb, python3-pillow).

How can I achieve to have seahorse and evolution to use gpg2 and remove/replace gpg safely - thus preventing to hold all keys double?

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answered 2016-09-05 13:48:32 -0500

No idea about how to make evolution use gpg2 instead of gpg, but to remove (old) gpg completely it would be just dnf remove gpg, BUT but that would remove an awful lot of stuff which seems to still depend on it incl. NetworkManager-team & anaconda, hplip, glade-libs, tigervnc-server-minimal, so that's probably not a good idea.

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Hi and thanks for your answer ... yes, the dependencies on my machine are the ones listed in the question. So we will have to wait until every software project moved over to gpg2 before evolution/seaorse ... fedora ... works correctly with public/private key encryption. :-/

L-Ray gravatar imageL-Ray ( 2017-10-01 04:48:17 -0500 )edit

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