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lauch a launcher without a terminal being open

asked 2012-01-22 06:03:17 -0600

HoseinIT gravatar image

updated 2012-01-22 06:04:25 -0600

hi when I want to open a launcher which I have made for opening Your freedom client, a blank Terminal will open. So I was wondering how to create a launcher without running a terminal and only run the desired program.

here is the launcher's command: java -jar "/home/.../freedom.jar"

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answered 2012-01-22 06:47:06 -0600

kparal gravatar image

By "launcher" you mean a .desktop file? There are lots of examples of .desktop files in /usr/share/applications. Just add Terminal=false line and it should not spawn a terminal window.

If your launcher is a shell script and you double click it, in Gnome you are given the choice to just launch it, or launch it in a terminal window.

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