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(Solved) laptop won't boot discs newer than Fedora 17, want to install 23

asked 2015-12-28 19:03:00 -0600

jasim gravatar image

updated 2016-02-08 20:12:53 -0600

tldr: Used USB drive to boot and install.

I'd love to do a fresh install, but my laptop won't boot from disc anything newer than Fedora 17...same with Ubuntu. I can boot and install Ubuntu 13 and Fedora 17, but for anything newer with discs that WILL boot and install on other computers, they won't boot on this one. The boot just hangs. I have a Dell, Inspiron 15. Anything newer than Fedora 17 or Ubuntu 13.04 won't boot from disc on this computer. I've messed with UEFI, I've reformatted the hard drive, I've played with the BIOS, all with same results.

I'm completely out of ideas. I'm now attempting (again) to upgrade from 17 to 23 (I tried this way before and wasn't successful).

At this point I just need something to work. Can I install fedup and upgrade from 17 to 23 (or anything newer)? Is there something I missed when trying to boot from the disc? Why on Earth do these discs not boot on this machine?!

I have attempted to install fedup, but get: Error: Cannot retrieve metalink for repository: fedora. Please verify its path and try again When I attempt about anything with yum.

================= EDITED January 30, 2016

So I finally installed Slackware 14 and messed with it for a couple weeks, but haven't been satisfied. I'm back to just really wanting to install Fedora 23. I burned yet another disc...on slow speed. The disc is perfectly fine. I've completely ruled out any disc issues.

I don't understand why the laptop will not boot a disc from a more recent version of Linux. If anyone can answer this question, I'd be greatly appreciative. I have never encountered this problem with any other machine, yet it seems to be a chronic issue with this laptop.

To clarify a couple of things...When I said disc, I meant DVD installation disc. It will boot older versions of Linux (burned on DVD's) just fine, but nothing newer than 17 will boot. The boot just hangs.

I did try to upgrade from 17 to 18...and so on before, but thought there must be some better way. I seem to have a lot of problems upgrading stepwise in this manner due to all of the changes with Fedora on how it upgrades and because 17 is no longer supported. I may attempt this way again.

I don't have a large enough USB drive...or can't find mine. I haven't used one in years. I may just buy one and attempt this way too. I'll have to double check that I can boot from USB on this computer. Pretty sure I saw that option in BIOS.

First, I'll try the Boot Fedora thing. Didn't know about that option.

Thanks for all the advice! Looks like I'm back at this, so we'll see how ... (more)

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Can it be that you a CD on the machine and newer versions of Fedora use DVD to install, what you can do to test this is do download Fedora 23 net install cd image that can be burn onto a CD and then test.

aeperezt gravatar imageaeperezt ( 2015-12-28 19:45:57 -0600 )edit

Try - these are small and simple.

randomuser gravatar imagerandomuser ( 2015-12-30 12:04:56 -0600 )edit

3 Answers

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answered 2015-12-29 02:20:56 -0600

geforce gravatar image

Try using dd to write the iso to USB stick and boot from that instead!

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answered 2015-12-28 22:06:45 -0600

sideburns gravatar image

If memory serves, fedup didn't exist back then. You need to be able to install and use preupgrade, instead. And, I'd advise that you go slowly, never skipping more than one version at a time, because there have been some big changes since Fedora 17 was current.

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answered 2016-02-01 13:50:25 -0600

Try using live USBs. To make one, get the Fedora ISO, launch this program WITH Wine, put the iso with that program on your USB, turn off youl Laptop, boot it into USB , INSTALL IT.

How to get Wine

yum install vine


sudo su
yum install wine

or if any of them didn't work (new method)

dnf install wine
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Wouldn't it be much simpler to use livecd-creator from the livecd-tools package? And, in case you didn't notice, this was suggested over a month ago.

sideburns gravatar imagesideburns ( 2016-02-01 15:04:42 -0600 )edit

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