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Dual boot>Fedora 16 on Win7: ERROR Could no allocate partition...

asked 2012-02-14 00:37:23 -0500

geminimoon66 gravatar image

updated 2014-11-09 10:42:00 -0500

mether gravatar image

ERROR: Could not allocate requested partition, not enough free space on disks.

Desktop PC running Win7 with 1 - 250GB HD >

C: 13779GB NTFS Primary (Main Windows 7)

E: 85.41GB NTFS Logical (Totally empty, wanted to install Fedora 16 here) NOTE: E: had Ubuntu installed on it a year or so ago but have since wiped it clean and just used for storage)

H: 9.68 GB NTFS Primary (Win 7 Storage/BU)

When I try to install from Live CD it shows my HD as follows:


sda1 - 9915 NTFS

sda2 - 141093 HTFS

sda3 - 87463 Extended

 sda5 - 87463 NTFS

Free 2

=============== Have tried to select both sda3 and sda5 as standard partition, Mount point "/", file system type - ext4, and marked to "fill to max."

Every time I get the error: Could not allocate requested partition, not enough free space on disks.

Have searched hi and lo to resolve with no luck and am hoping someone here can let me know what the problem is and how to fix it.

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3 Answers

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answered 2012-08-01 15:16:57 -0500

goldensage gravatar image

Alrighty then, Wishing to dual boot on my HP Dv7 laptop. So shrunk partitions, and deleted a 2nd partition I had. from win7 64x (my one physical drive) (% is free)

vol "" simple dynamic RAW Healty 220.10 GB 100%

hptools E: simple dynamic FAT32 Healthy 99 MB 85%

Recovery D: simple dynamic NTFS Healthy 3.38 GB 15%

System simple dynamic NTFS Healthy(System) 199MB 83%

System(C:) Simple dynamic NTFS (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump) 222.20 GB 29%

So thinking that first unnamed volume would be thought of as unused space, and clicking use unused space would create a linux partition out of such. Fedora 17 install sees:


sd1 0 Unknown

sd2 199 ntfs

sd3 227537 ntfs

sda4 249202 Unknown

Free 1

about to try to edit the sda4 (kinda scary as wow, shouldn't it already use the raw space? it's bigger of the partitions, isn't that the one being used by my windows and all my other work is on? yada yada yada)

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answered 2012-02-14 12:45:32 -0500

geminimoon66 gravatar image

I have managed to fix the problem on my own.

In Win7 I erased formatting from E:, making all 85.41GB unallocated.

Upon installing Fedora 16 it shows:


sda1 - 9915 NTFS

sda2 - 141093 HTFS

sda3 - 87463 Extended

free 2

I selected sda3 as Standard Partition, Mount Point "/", File System Type - etx4, and check "Fill to max". I made NO swap file and it installed just fine. Fedora 16 installed used 2.7GB on sda3 leaving me with 80.5GB of free space.

I rebooted, selected Fed16 and 372 updates later it's up and running with NO problems!

Hopefully this will help someone else out in the future.

I have been using Fedora 16 from Live CD for a month or so now and finally decided to do a full install yesterday. Am able to boot into Win7 or Fed16 without any issues. Fedora has picked up and installed drivers for my add-on sound card, wifi, and GPU automatically and I am very happy with Fedora 16!

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answered 2012-02-14 04:42:34 -0500

Irfan Mansoori gravatar image


This is because you only have 2 byte free on your HDD {Free 2}.

you need to delete sda5 first{E: 85.41GB NTFS Logical (Totally empty, wanted to install Fedora 16 here)} then create your partition table like below,

sda5 - ext4 - 100MB - /boot

sda6 - swap - 2xRAM - swap

sda7 - ext4 - remaining - /

and try to install.

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