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Now that most of the people in fedora world have been using yum for ages, I can say i was using it for 8 years now, but all of a sudden yum changes, all the online help relating to yum installs is use less now as DNF comes with its own issues now, I read around the developers of DNF say every day user wont be effect as it has all features and look and feel. BUT its is a total rewrite of many 1000 lines of code and you expect me to believe that it wont have new issues/bugs ? yum code base was tested patched etc for decades now as it was for me at-least stable as a rock never had any issues if a thing is in a repo you would get it and all dependencies at-least for me. if YUM was badly/not documented or lacked features then get that done rather then redo the entire thing from ground up, IF it was that bad why stick with it for decades ? this has got to change back DNF might prove to be great but for now its giving me a hard time at-least ... had issue with installing nodejs to mongodb, I was using F21 for a while and decided to upgrade only to find out a very strange course of action. There is no replacement to the TEST OF TIME so before changing over dnf to yum i suggest let dnf be the second choice for may be two more fedora cycles or please don;t change it at all ... now i have to go through the task of uninstalling dnf and getting yum back and frankly don;t know what surprises i have there, BUT for me honestly this is a bad choice of action ... it feels like some one came and changed the "cd" command to "sd"

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In case you didn't understand, ask.fedora is a place to ask questions and get answers, not for users to vent about software changes they didn't like. Closing.

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