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Install on esata drive

asked 2011-11-10 13:54:20 -0600

Barlow gravatar image

I have a Dell E6420 with an esata port. Plugged an internal hard drive into the external esata port with a data cable. Also, connected a power cable directly to the "external drive" since the port did not power it up. The internal drive has windows xp sp3 on it. The bios shows the esata connected drive as an available boot option. So, I put my fedora 16 live flash drive in and boot to it. I run the option to install to disk. I select the blank "external (esata) drive" as the drive to write the os to and the internal drive and usb drives show up as data drives to be mounted (no option for not mounting them that I could see). I select the radio button to indicate I want the mbr to reside on the os drive. I was hoping to wind up with two os's to boot to with their own mbr's. Fedora 16 booted fine from the external drive. Xp gave me the blue screen of death while booting. Never had a problem with xp before this process. Could it be that Fedora 16 wrote to the mbr of the xp drive in this scenario and corrupted it? Or possibly the act of just mounting the ntfs drive caused a problem. It just does not make sense to me that installing Fedora to a completely different drive with its own mbr should blow up my xp drive. Any thoughts? Oh also, it turns out the xp drive is encrypted (its a work drive).

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answered 2011-11-11 11:40:17 -0600

asto gravatar image

Blue Screen of Death? What does it say? And I highly doubt Fedora would have messed up your Windows install although the opposite has happened to me before. And even if the mbr for the windows install is messed up, the message you would get is "ntldr is missing" if I remember correctly. If you've made any hardware changes like adding/replacing any components, try replugging them in.

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