What are the advantages or disadvantages of using rpm to deb packaging? [closed]

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According to this article at zdnet Goobuntu google developers use Goobuntu, a version of LTS Ubuntu for their work. According to the article they don't use Fedora or openSUSE because:

"That said, Bushnell was asked why Ubuntu instead of say Fedora or openSUSE? He replied, “We chose Debian because packages and apt [Debian's basic software package programs] are light-years ahead of RPM (Red Hat and SUSE's default package management system.] And, why Ubuntu over the other Debian-based Linux distributions? “Because it's release cadence is awesome and Canonical [Ubuntu's parent company] offers good support.”

What's your take on this? I take this with a grain of salt, but I would like to know more why Red Hat and Fedora use rpm instead of deb. What are the reasons?

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