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Fedora on netbook?

asked 2011-11-09 01:05:22 -0600

ByronGibson gravatar image

updated 2011-11-25 22:24:52 -0600

mether gravatar image

Hi all, new to Fedora, what's the recommended spin/version for a netbook?

The standard install system requirements of 768MB of RAM (1GB recommended), do not appear to be very netbook-friendly (Ubuntu 11.04 uses about 400MB). Or is it? (My netbook has 2GB, and I'm not too concerned about memory use during installation, only usage)

The LXDE spin seems to be recommended for netbooks, and there is also

I'm particularly interested in being able run Spotify, which seems to require Gnome.

Any advice appreciated.

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7 Answers

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answered 2011-11-09 02:59:45 -0600

mether gravatar image

Xfce or LXDE should consume less memory than GNOME or KDE but in this case, the stick out is installation itself. Anaconda, the Fedora installer has a team working on reducing the memory requirements. You might be able to reduce the memory requirements by using the text mode installer from the DVD image.

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2 GB is more than enough for any of these desktop environments

mether gravatar imagemether ( 2011-11-09 13:12:41 -0600 )edit

answered 2012-01-06 07:57:40 -0600

viajeramental gravatar image


I would recommend that you try diferent spins on a live medium as a cd or a pendrive. When you find the right for you install it. Anyway, you always can install other desktops and switch between them. If you install only to try you may harm your hard disk, writing and re-writing it everytime you install and partition it.

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answered 2011-11-10 07:23:39 -0600

Elad Alfassa gravatar image

2GB Is enough for GNOME, kde and anything else. My desktop has 2GB ram and it works great with gnome 3.

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answered 2014-12-23 12:42:56 -0600

jmt gravatar image

I've been running Fedora with Gnome on my HP 5100 Mini for a few years now without a problem. 1 GiB of memory is not much, but still Gnome runs fine. The screen is small so sometimes I have to move windows with the help of the super key.

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answered 2014-12-22 23:01:49 -0600

Hi, i just installed Korora Peach XFCE on three of my computers. I choose the XFCE desktops because they are beautiful and low on ram (each install takes up just under 200mb ram). One netbook asus 1000he with 1GB ram, and the other two are older IBM desktops with pentium 4 and about 2gb ram. They are both running beautifully on the desktops and netbooksI multitask fluid - playing youtube vids and flash and typing on libre office. On my netbook, with 6 tabs open, youtube being one but nothing playing, and libre office I have used 460mb and 24%cpu load. With youtube playing i get 59%cpu (when the current tab not on youtube but the music playing in the background.) and similar ram.

Right now Im just testing Korora to see how the battery life is. It seems pretty decent but its too early in my testing to tell. Im testing because im deciding whether to install Korora on my asus 1005HA with 2GB ram. Currently I have Manjaro XFCE installed on the 1005ha netbook. Manjaro is currently my favorite distro for speed, battery, utilities, multitasking, diversity, stability (especially considering it is a rollig release). It's tough to beat Manjaro considering it has Arch linux at its core. But this Korora based on Fedora is pretty damn close. The multimedia codecs in Korora currently are exceptional - which is way better than what Manjaro has. And a more experienced lunix user would argue that you could always install the drivers and codecs and so forth. And you can. But that takes time. Korora gives you that out of the box. And the sounds is the best quality. I have an expensive pair of headphones and the sound and video is flawless. And with video on my IBM desktop with Korora, running Avatar, I get about 25% cpu load (and thats with firefox running in the background and thunderbird open and libre office open. Memory just under 500mb.

So Id say try Manjaro or Korora for your netbook. If you absolutely need multimedia (sound quality mainly since Manjaro is tied with Korora with video computing) and youre a noob to linux then get Korora. Manjaro seems to tip the scales when it comes to battery life, speed, stability, and multitasking and resposnsiveness. Although Korora is quite responsive but im seeing that it uses a tad more CPU load. Could jsut be my eyes. Im using the systen moniter widget to test. Good luck,. Try Manjaro and Korora. Theyre both lovely distros - and ive tried them all including Centos7, Bodhi, elementaryos, puppy, slitaz(which is amazing because I used it to recover a broken harddrive on my asus 1000he and after the recovery i used it to install another linux distro - slitaz is simply AMAZING), mint, ubuntu, debian7.7, fedora, arch linux(yes, i installed it from scratch), crunchbang with openbox as the desktop, xubunutui, and maybe a few others. And they were all installed on my harddrive and not ... (more)

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answered 2012-08-13 11:06:12 -0600

Mich gravatar image

I'm running F17 on an old HP Mini with 1GB RAM - it runs fine and quick, better than dedicated Ubuntu variants.

My concern is rather display real estate. The only thing I like better in Ubuntu is the OSX-like menu integration into the shell, that gains valuable pixels.

Is there any setting, tweaking to do this in fedora?

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answered 2011-11-09 08:28:55 -0600

jfmchivall gravatar image

I successfully installed F16 onto my Acer AA1 (A110) using the LXDE live spin on a usb stick, and using the "install to hard disk" link on the live desktop. I have 1GB ram in this machine, and I'm happily running Gnome now.

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