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torify ssh

asked 2012-05-05 17:01:44 -0500

ztank1013 gravatar image

updated 2012-05-06 16:07:52 -0500

Does anybody know how to torify ssh in fedora 16?

I would like to be able to run a command like the following to login to a remote server:

torify ssh <remote-host-ip>

Installing torify with yum is not sufficient, any idea?

Note: tor is a connection-based low-latency anonymous communication system.

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1 Answer

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answered 2012-05-06 07:05:28 -0500

ztank1013 gravatar image

Ok I figured out by myself, just install tor and torify rpm packages with yum

sudo yum install tor torify

then, after installation is completed open another terminal and run (better in the background) the tor command as root (or using sudo)

sudo tor &

then try to connect to the remote server using

torify ssh username@<remote-host-ip>

It is a good idea to use the IP remote address instead of a host name because there might be issues at DNS level using torify/tor with ssh.

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