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yum with braces

asked 2015-10-23 14:20:13 -0600

StevenH gravatar image

I found out that there were some yum commands like those:

yum install tex(pzdr.tfm)

Could you explain what the braces are?

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answered 2015-10-23 15:23:15 -0600

vtrefny gravatar image

This is actually a nice feature of RPM -- you can specify Provides "tags/keywords" when creating an RPM package to state what "fuctionality" it provides -- it is usually used when a package Requires some functionality that can be provided by more packages (and you need only oneof them). And you can install a package just by using the "provides tag". (More on provides/requires in RPM here.)

So for example package texlive-amscls provides these:

$ rpm -q -q --provides texlive-amscls 
tex(amsart.cls) = 2014
tex(amsbook.cls) = 2014
tex(amsbooka.sty) = 2014
tex(amsdtx.cls) = 2014
tex(amsldoc.cls) = 2014
tex(amsmidx.sty) = 2014
tex(amsproc.cls) = 2014
tex(amsthm.sty) = 2014
tex(upref.sty) = 2014
tex-amscls = 2014
texlive-amscls = 4:svn30738.0-11.fc22

And the tex(something) is a really nice way of installing of LaTeX packages -- you usually know the name of the LaTeX package you need, but you may not know the name of the Fedora package containing it.

As far as I know all Fedora TeX Live packages list LaTeX packages that they provides, so if you want a LaTeX package, all you need is to do is to run yum install "tex(package.sty)" and yum will install the right Fedora package that provides package.sty.

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