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problem with rpmfusion kmod-nvidia

asked 2015-10-19 12:30:52 -0600

ephae gravatar image

Has been a problem for the last few kernels. Now I'm running kernel 4.2.3-200. I go to install kmod-nvidia, and all dnf finds from rpmfusion-nonfree is kmod-nvidia-304xx-4.1.10-200. That won't work. So I install akmod-nvidia-304xx. The akmods don't build, but they pull in kmod-nvidia-304xx-4.2.3-200. If uninstall akmod-nvidia, leaving behind the correct kmod-nvidia for my kernel, then all is well.

So for some reason kmod-nvidia doesn't see the driver for my kernel. akmod-nvidia doesn't appear to build, but pulls in the correct kmod-nvidia.

And what does dnf's N/S Matched stand for?

I can't figure out what's wrong. Please help. Thanks.

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Welcome to ask.fedora! I don't know, of course, which set of instructions you've been using, but you can find some excellent instructions, along with scripts to automate the process at the fedorafourm: Please let us know how they work for you, and feel free to ask for more info.

sideburns gravatar imagesideburns ( 2015-10-19 14:09:40 -0600 )edit

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answered 2015-10-19 14:18:23 -0600

hedayat gravatar image

No, akmod-nvidia doesn't 'pull' kmod-nvidia-304xx-4.2.3-200 from repositories, it builds and installs a kmod-nvidia package on your own system.

So, the problem is that RPMFusion repos didn't contain kmod-nvidia-304xx package for linux 4.2.3-200 at the time because it was not built there yet (it might be available now). What akmod- packages do is that when they are installed or when system is booted with a new kernel version, the akmod system tries to compile/build the module for the current linux kernel version if the module for this version is not installed. If built successfully, the compiled module is packaged as a kmod-nvidia rpm and installed into your system.

"N/S matched: ..." probably means: "name/summary matched ..."

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