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dnf remove vlc doesnt works properley.

asked 2015-09-14 13:59:06 -0600

Javaid gravatar image

i had vlc installed but i accedently deleted webm profile on vlc so i unisntall vlc by dnf remove vlc

it removes but when i reinstalled vlc again then it shows everything in vlc but deleted webm profile still missing and it looks that somefiles didnt deleted maybe somecahce files that makes my new vlc installation looks old. advice me how to remove remaining vlc files including cache so when i install vlc next time it should be like first time install.

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answered 2015-09-14 14:55:42 -0600

skytux gravatar image

Removing or reinstalling the package won't remove the local configurations of your user. I'm not an assiduous user of VLC, but I found the following directories in my home directory:


Maybe removing them will do the trick, but I didn't test it. It would be nice if you backup those directories before.



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