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Fedora 22 : Gnome Nautilus v3.16.2 Crash when searching.

asked 2015-09-01 22:01:14 -0600

Hi Guys, my Nautilus is crashing when I try to search/find files and folders. I dunno why or how this happened. Everything is working fine last week.

I'm running Fedora 22 with Gnome Nautilus v3.16.2. and ran sudo dnf update after discovering the crash. But the update did not fixed it.

I tried searching for answers over the internet but they are all dated 2014 and it seems that their problem was sqlite. Right now I don't even have sqlite, but since I thought It will be the answer, I have installed it anyway. (sudo dnf install sqlite2). But, it isn't the solution. Nautilus still crashed upon searching for files and folders.

I've also found a workaround that you need to login as root to make the search/find feature of nautilus working. And Yeah, indeed it does work with root. But It's a weird manner that I need to login as root every time I need to search for files, right? Can anybody help me with this? Thank you so much in advance.

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-09-01 22:27:03 -0600

Hello! For those who encountered the same problem, this is the solution that worked for me:

I ran sudo dnf reinstall nautilus and everything is working fine again. It seems that re-installing nautilus does the job.

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