Huge memory and CPU for Gnome Music

asked 2015-08-30 23:49:26 -0600

deshmukh gravatar image

After several failed attempts, I Gnome Music could find music in ~/Music. On a related note, please ensure that Gnome Settings -> Search -> Files -> Music is ON.

But it is pathetically slow. Here is what happens: On starting, 'Gnome Music' appears in the top bar. No window yet. Then there is a dialog box complaining about Gnome Music not responding. I select 'Wait'. After a while, Gnome Music window appears 'Albums' tab selected and NO album art displaying. Then after almost five minutes, album art appears. And I can play music.

But the application is terribly sluggish. Most importantly, it consumes almost 400MB memory and about 40% CPU on my computer. Outragious.

Just for comparison, Rhythmbox on the same computer with the same music takes about 15 seconds to load and consumes about 50MB memory and less than 2% CPU.

Is it only me or is it for everyone? How do I tame Gnome Music?

Lastly, why such half baked, inefficient application released??

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