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how do i get googleearth working in fc18

asked 2013-02-01 01:08:13 -0600

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updated 2013-07-13 01:39:54 -0600

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how do i get googleearth working in fc18. keeps coming up with package clash error

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answered 2013-02-01 04:02:03 -0600

ioncube gravatar image

Doing following will solve common bug:

if not then errors of signal 11 & missing libraries 

Major Version 7
Minor Version 0
Build Number 0002
Build Date Dec 13 2012
Build Time 17:54:43
OS Type 3
OS Major Version 3
OS Minor Version 7
OS Build Version 2
OS Patch Version 0
Crash Signal 11
Crash Time 1359211064
Up Time 0.011042

Stacktrace from glibc:

install rpm for Fedora 18 Google Earth, then do following steps

sudo unlink /etc/fonts/conf.d/65-fonts-persian.conf

cd /opt/google/earth/free/
ln -s /usr/lib/ or ln -s /usr/lib/
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