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How to backup Fedora 22 that is encrypted?

asked 2015-08-14 18:02:49 -0600

var gravatar image

Can someone please tell me how to go about backing up fedora 22 that uses encryption? I have / in a ext4 partition and /home is encrypted ext4 in another partition.

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answered 2015-08-14 21:59:05 -0600

aeperezt gravatar image

You can always backup all files once you login to Fedora and have introduce proper password for the encrypted partition with a regular backup.

If you want to backup the entire partition you can use dd but you a disk of same sice or more to create the backup

dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/sdY bs=512 conv=noerror,sync

You can change bs=4096 instead of 512 if you use a bigger block size

You can also set of as file of=/path/to/mbr_file.img instead of disk

Hope this give you an idea or introduce enough curisite for you to investigate more.

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