Installed Bumblebee on Fedora22 - Not Running

asked 2015-07-02 14:58:47 -0600

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Hi I just installed F22 and am trying to get bumblebee to work. I installed following the instructions on the project wiki including all the dependencies. However when I restart bumblebee is not running:

$ optirun -vv glxgears -info | grep "GL_VENDOR"[  886.972798] [DEBUG]Reading file: /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf
[  886.973029] [INFO]Configured driver: nvidia
[  886.973323] [ERROR]The Bumblebee daemon has not been started yet or the socket path /var/run/bumblebee.socket was incorrect.
[  886.973327] [DEBUG]Socket closed.
[  886.973333] [ERROR]Could not connect to bumblebee daemon - is it running?

Is the SELinux bug mentioned in this older post fixed now with the latest bumblebee on F22? I didn't want to disable SELinux without knowing for sure.

I do have the proper graphics cards installed and enabled:

$ lspci -nn | grep '\[030[02]\]:'
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:0416] (rev 06)
01:00.0 3D controller [0302]: NVIDIA Corporation GK104M [GeForce GTX 870M] [10de:1199] (rev a1)

Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this? I'm going on a long car trip soon and don't want to be burning through my battery powering two gpus for no reason! Thanks!

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Having the exact same problem as you.

HoboPrimate gravatar imageHoboPrimate ( 2015-07-25 16:49:31 -0600 )edit

I just got mine working, in my case it was secure-boot related, since the driver is not signed and I had to sign it for the kernel to load it. what is the output of systemctl status bumblebee-nvidia.service and systemctl status bumblebeed.service ? (btw, I have Selinux enabled)

Fahad Alduraibi gravatar imageFahad Alduraibi ( 2015-09-15 14:34:08 -0600 )edit