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This is my first experience using Linux, so please don't make too many assumptions about my understanding on the topic. Also, I am running Korora 21 Cinnamon if that is relevant.

Is there a way to make window borders transparent? I was able to make the panel transparent by modifying the cinnamon.css, but this file (obviously?) doesn't deal with the window borders at all. Since my window border preference is Glossy, I looked in /usr/share/Glossy and found both the metacity-1 and gtk2.0 folders. I experimented with this by changing a few of the values for colors in the color-scheme declaration at the top of the gtkrc file, and no colors changed on window borders after I restarted Cinnamon. Does this theme apply to more than just window borders?

I also checked in the metacity xml, and did not see any mention of border colors or transparency in there either. Could someone maybe explain what gtk2.0 and metacity are? I'm confused, because I also know there is a gtk3.0, which some applications utilize instead (or on top of?) 2.0?

If it's a different procedure, could someone also explain how to change the colors of the window borders and buttons (close, minimize, maximize) when you hover over them? Thank you much.

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I'm really confused at this point. I have been able to successfully change the window border widths, and things of that nature, but the color values are still eluding me. In the metacity XML, each of these color values appear to be coming from the gtkrc file in the gtk2.0 folder for the Glossy theme. Why, then, does nothing happen when I change the color values defined at the top of this folder, such as selected_fg_color? I used an RGB color picker online prior to changing these, and the colors that I changed were the bluish colors that the Glossy window borders use by default. Help please?

JimmyP gravatar imageJimmyP ( 2015-07-04 06:53:50 -0500 )edit