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where is wvdial?

asked 2012-03-02 21:13:40 -0600

jeldican gravatar image

I just installed fedora 14 and discovered much to my surprise that, as a dialup user, I seem to be out of luck with fedora. My modem is not found and I am told that I need "wvdial", which is nowhere to be found in the entire dvd that came with a Wiley book. Obviously, as a dialup user I can not download an entire fedora, I only need the wvdial stuff. How to get it. Of necessity, this post originates from a SuSe 12.1, as the fedora install is not connectible without modem support.

Where can I get "wvdial" and its dependencies?

Thank you, Cornelis van Dijk

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answered 2012-03-03 16:08:18 -0600

Szpak gravatar image

Hello Cornelis. In the past I had a similar situation and AFAIR there was only one missing dependency - libwvstreams for wvdial.

It was with older Fedora version and something could change in the meantime. In case of the lack of some other dependency it can be found in mentioned directory. Note that there are a lot of files, so in case you pay for your traffic, better write what you need or check it on some other system.

Btw, Fedora 14 is a quite old version and has reached End of life (which mean for example that there are no new updates available). You could try to buy some newspaper with Fedora 16 on DVD. Unless you have very weird modem it should be automatically found and configured through NetworkManager.


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