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Which Antivirus for Linux?

asked 2011-12-23 16:26:59 -0600

SamLinux gravatar image

I've tried both Avast and AVG (both free) but none seems to work. They don't even load at login.

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answered 2011-12-24 10:35:51 -0600

vividvilla gravatar image

You Don't need antivirus...most of the software's you will be installing in fedora will be from Repository.Also Many antivirus works on windows(.exe files) so just think about avoiding Spam not Virus if ur using Linux.

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completly false viruses are everywere

mauriciograciag gravatar imagemauriciograciag ( 2015-08-03 20:11:09 -0600 )edit

answered 2012-01-01 14:44:08 -0600

bct gravatar image
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dah... "Viruses for Microsoft Windows do not affect Linux systems" the same as "rain in Africa does not wet a street in london"

mauriciograciag gravatar imagemauriciograciag ( 2015-08-03 20:13:54 -0600 )edit

answered 2011-12-23 16:35:23 -0600

aatdark gravatar image

using an antivirus on linux is not that important compared to windows.

i know that clamav is working well. But i think it is mainly used on Servers [Mail, Windows Shares,..]

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answered 2012-09-29 23:02:19 -0600

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Alot of the people use DUALBOOT so win and linux, so have't you all thought aboat that, that he wants an antivirus for linux cos of windows? for to scan windows partitions.

Me myself i'm installing my new Fedora 18 on a usb 3, read130mb/s write110mb/s 64 gig flash drive and using it on my friends and other windows mashines to clean them up without tuching theyr systems. Some wiruses cannot be removed when in use, like rootkits and so one..

I saw the peformance boost on my old flash drive allready, so on the fast flash it will be lightning. I recomend. With all the programs u need it uses at most 15 gb, and all ur documents can be on your hdd on ur computer... U can write a script that detects on user login is the documents drive on that computer that ur using atm, if not it saves on the default path so on the usb on documents folder, if it detects the doc hdd and there are foles on the usb doc filders it will move them to the corresponding folders on the drive.

So as the question was, how to be able to use

Avast ?

here is my solution, have used it and scanned and found viruses and removed them too, works perfect (even on a Live Fedora USB):

su -

wget -vP "/tmp/" ""

yum install -y compat-expat1

rpm -ivh "/tmp/avast4workstation-1.3.0-1.i586.rpm"

rm -Ivfr "/tmp/avast4workstation-1.3.0-1.i586.rpm"

echo 'sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=128000000' >> ~/.bash_profile | $a >> /etc/sysctl.conf

And homepage =


Some others are

(i have not jet tested them but found some linux av's out for my usb flash drive fix-box-set):

Bitdefender - fast and easy to use versatile on-demand scanner for Linux and FreeBSD systems, little bit in-your-face interface.



ClamAV - detecting Trojans, viruses, malware and malicious threats

ClamTk - a GUI front-end for ClamAV using gtk2-perl, easy-to-use, on-demand scanner.

AVG - Basic antivirus protection for Linux/FreeBSD, private and non-commercial use only.



No RPM's, must convert from other linux package

F-PROT - Antivirus scanning engine for primary, a system of internal heuristics devised to search for unknown viruses.

Avira Free Antivirus - entry-level antivirus eliminates many forms of malware, including worms, rootkits and costly dialers.

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answered 2017-12-14 04:07:26 -0600

Nice post! hi guys antivirus is very important thing for your devices, if you need then visit our home page. For more information: Avira Antivirus Support

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answered 2017-11-28 00:44:22 -0600

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answered 2016-08-23 01:43:20 -0600

Whether an antivirus software is free or not has almost no correlation with its quality. We can find plenty of good reasons to choose a free antivirus software's, and plenty of good reasons to go with a paid antivirus software's. Free antivirus software has one main advantage - its PRICE. The free programs typically offer the basics, such as a simple search and destroy of malware. This is also its limitation too, as the free version usually only protects your system from viruses, and does not offer the comprehensive protection you may require. As you progress through the different types of protection, more advanced features can be added on. Moreover, one of the biggest drawbacks to going with a free antivirus software is the lack of technical support. More about...Antivirus


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answered 2015-08-03 20:18:51 -0600

mauriciograciag gravatar image

For the people that say that viruses does not affect LINUX see this news

Therefore here are some linux antivirus tools

and here is a review of 6 antivirus review to help you choose

And here are other aproaches to the question/virus problem

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answered 2016-12-05 02:37:44 -0600

avast internet security 2016

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answered 2017-02-17 12:06:17 -0600

Mirmos gravatar image

Comodo (CAV) was launched around 2012 in .deb and .rpm installer format. It provided real-time protection as well as on demand scanning. It was free. Unfortunatelyt does not work with recent Linux kernels, at least, not for real time protection.There have been two unofficial patches from enthusiasts available since the original launch. The latest unofficial patch (see Comodo forums, posts by charlie_xstar) worked up to kernel 4.8 for debian derivatives (eg Ubuntu), but failed with Fedora kernel 4.8.8 and after. If anyone can produce a new 'driver.tar' package which works for Comodo with Linux's most recent kernels I'm sure a lot of people would be grateful. Meanwhile, the people at Comodo are saying they are 'working on it'. So maybe they are... Avast is no longer available for Linux

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