Some of the problems after upgrading to fedora 22 [closed]

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I'm from fedora 21 (x64) upgrade (fedy) directly to the fedora 22 (x64), but after the upgrade found some problems:

  1. The system Settings window wouldn't open (display loaded, then there is no hint);
  2. Check the file window and also above, (such as from the Images to select files is ok).

When I was in the fedora 21 sets the gnome's third party theme (name is: numix).

image description

And display an error, such as on the drawing modification which file?

In addition, I use the DNF update to update the system prompt unable to load repomd. The XML, update the system in the fedora 22 what is command? (before fedora 21 and I'm using yum update).

thank you


我是从fedora 21(x64)直接升级(fedy)到fedora 22(x64)的,但在升级之后发现一些问题:

1.系统设置窗口打不开(显示加载中,然后就没有提示了); 2.查看文件窗口也和上面的一样,(比如从Images去选择文件是可以的).

我在fedora 21 的时候设置了gnome的第三方主题(名字是:numix).

另外,我用dnf update 更新系统提示无法加载repomd.xml,在fedora 22中更新系统是用什么命令呢?(在fedora 21 及之前我是用 yum update ).


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