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Can Fedora 21 run two monitors on dimension 4700

asked 2015-03-13 16:49:57 -0600

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I have added a single monitor pci controller and want to use that plus the integrated video to run two monitors on my old Dell Dimension 4700.

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answered 2015-04-08 18:49:23 -0600

Zan Lynx gravatar image

This is a question of two parts.

Can Fedora 21 run two monitors? Yes it can. (At least, when my Intel driver doesn't crash when I plug in an external monitor).

I used to run a much older version (probably Red Hat 8.0 come to think of it) on a PC with some kind of Matrox (G200?) AGP and a S3 PCI card and dual CRTs. I had to hand edit the Xorg configuration files but it did work quite well after that. I don't believe that Xorg will have lost that functionality although I guess it could have happened.

I think that the odds of someone else having exactly your hardware and being able to tell you "Yes it works." is very low. Especially since you did not specify the PCI controller type.

I would say try it and find out. If it does not work automatically you will probably want to read the Xorg log file output carefully. Then depending on the error messages you might try disabling the kernel's DRI or KMS modules or writing configuration files for Xorg for your hardware.

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